Biostar iDEQ 350G SFF PC

Introducing the iDEQ 350G

For the last few years, there has been an undeniable trend towards packing all the functionality and performance of a full-fledged desktop system into a smaller form factor. As one of the chief pioneers of this new form factor, Shuttle enjoyed having dominant market share as they were one of the only true contenders in the SFF category. Fortunately for consumers, several new vendors have begun to show interest in SFF systems and are now offering some very viable solutions of their own. Biostar is one such company and they are attacking the SFF segment with a vengeance. Today, we'll be looking at the new iDEQ 350G to see how Biostar is aiming to take over the SFF market.

As one would expect, the iDEQ 350G retains the same "shoe box" overall size we've come to expect in this market. Armed with dual-core processor support and the inclusion of both a new PCI-Express x16 slot, mini-PCI slot, and a traditional PCI slot, the Biostar system won't find itself obsolete anytime soon. In addition, there are several ingenious bells and whistles hidden under the system's skin that will further increase the user's overall satisfaction.

Specifications of the Biostar iDEQ 350G
SFF with a Twist
Chassis Dimension(mm): 216W x 342H x 193D

Material: SECC, ABS

Motherboard Model: iDEQ 350G

CPU Support Socket: 775

Chipset North Bridge: Intel 945G

Chipset South Bridge: ICH7R

IDE Interface: ATA 100

S-ATA: Yes

Expansion Slots: 16x PCI-E x 1, PCI x 1, mini-PCI x1

Graphics Chipset: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950

Audio: Realtek ALC882 7.1 Channel

Drive Bays: 5.25"/3.5"/Slim: 1/1/0

Front Panel: USB 2.0: 2

MIC/Headphone: 1/1

S/PDIF: Optical Out


Rear Panel: USB 2.0 4

Line-in/Line-out/MIC: Yes

S/PDIF: Optical Out

Serial Port: N/A

Parallel Port: 1

VGA: D-SUB x 1

TV-out: N/A

LAN RJ45 Connector: Yes

Memory Card Reader: 7-in-1

Power Supply: 300W (PFC)

Key Features:
Tool-less Design
Hinged Front Panel
Stealthed Optical Bay

The Biostar system comes in somewhat standard SFF packaging, complete with ample packing material and a carrying handle that will certainly provide useful for LAN gamers. Opening the package, we see that Biostar has provided the bare essentials to get the system up and running for those wanting to avoid the usual common-sense instructions. Rest assured though, there is still an in-depth instruction manual for those not quite comfortable building the system themselves. Rounding out the bundle, we have a power cable, a PSU harness with standard and SATA headers, screws for the hard drive and optical drive, and two CD's containing drivers, antivirus, and system security software. Specifically, the Application CD contains Norton Antivirus and Pheonix Recover Pro system security software. Overall, we're not looking at an earth-shattering bundle, though it is all the user needs without adding any unnecessary cost to the system.

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