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Kribibench v1.1

Next up, we ran Kribibench, a 3D rendering benchmark produced by the folks at Adept Development.  Kribibench is an SSE aware software renderer.  A 3D model is rendered and animated by the host CPU, and the average frame rate is reported.  We used two of the included models with this benchmark: a "Sponge Explode" model consisting of over 19.2 million polygons and a gargantuan "Ultra" model that is comprised of over 16 billion polygons.

With each system being based upon the same hardware, it's no surprise to see that the two systems return almost identical scores. Ideally, we'd like to see the Biostar best the standard Intel board although the scores are close enough to chaulk the difference up to a standard margin of error within the test.

As before, the two systems have almost identical scores. Again, the iDEQ 350G is the low man on the todem pole though it is only by the slightest of margins.

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