Batman Arkham Knight Gameplay And Performance Review

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Our Opinion and The Wrap Up

There you have it. Batman Arkham Knight is really a mixed bag of fun and frustration. The general gameplay is entertaining and familiar goodness. Its performance issues and optimization hurdles will most likely improve in time. However, unless the Batmobile bits are completely redone, that will remain as the least appealing aspect of the game. At the very least, controls could feel less arcade-like in both normal and battle tank modes. 

BM Arkham Knight13

Yet the ability to roam the city, solving side missions and exploring a sprawling Gotham is fun and very Batman-esque. This serves to balance the fairly linear feel of the story mode and mission structure and also dishes out some welcomed re-playability for such a story-driven, single-player title.

BM Arkham Knight9
Screw this. I'm grabbing a donut until the kinks are ironed out.

If you didn't secure a copy before WB pulled the game, then its probably for the best. Nothing short of flagship GPUs can reach 60 frames per second with the code in its current state, and that's not without manually editing settings and putting up with lag and stuttering issues. While sub-60 FPS is playable, we wager and hope Rocksteady can bring this one up to PC gaming worthiness with regard to performance. After all, underneath the glitchy exterior is a worthy and entertaining inclusion to this successful Batman series.

 hot  not
  • Batman is his badass self with tons of cool tech to play with.
  • Batmobile can be awesome in short spurts
  • Open-world Gotham City is fun to explore and traverse
  • Game-breaking performance issues
  • Batmobile overly arcade-like, uninspired
  • Fairly linear story

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