AVA Direct Custom GT3 SFF Gaming System Review

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Performance Analysis and Conclusion

As we bring this article to a close, we need to answer the question: Is the custom GT3 from AVA Direct worth its asking price? Well, the answer depends on what you'd like to do with the system. Some things are more easily accomplished than others. For instance, hauling this PC to a LAN fest would be infinitely easier than lugging around most full-sized desktop computers; plus, the GT3 will obviously churn through any office-type application without issue. Alternately, upgrading the tightly packed PC would be difficult at best, and our test machine struggled with gaming at high resolutions and detail settings, at least as it came configured.

As far as usability goes, the GT3 is aces. There are plenty of USB ports, the front panel connectors are handy, and it's generally a nice, small form factor system. But as hardcore gaming PC, the configuration we tested misses the mark. The GT3 needs to be outfitted with a more powerful graphics card to be considered a serious gaming rig.  And of course this is something that is end user configurable at the company's website at time of order.

Given all that, the GT3 is still a quality, portable system you can lug around easily and play most of today's games on. Throw in an LCD monitor, a mouse, and a keyboard, and you have a LAN fest system ready to go--that'll likely outhustle most gaming notebooks. With the power of a full-sized desktop system in a form factor almost small enough to be a choking hazard (just kidding), the GT3 is a decent system for LAN gamers, but users who don't partake will probably want something with more muscle.

  • Intel Core i7 920, nice choice of CPU
  • Small form factor makes it easy to carry around
  • Fully customizable on AVA Direct's Web site
  • Interior is packed tight; every bit of space is well-used.
  • Good productivity scores


  • Low-end graphics card for gaming
  • The stock Intel cooler and two case fans make it hard to overclock
  • Not an ideal gaming machine as configured and tested


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