AVA Direct Custom GT3 SFF Gaming System Review

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Interior Design

The inside of the GT3 is a study in space efficiency, if not Feng Shui. Every possible square inch of space is used, and used well.

The downside is, you will not find it easy to upgrade this computer. The RAM is buried deeply beneath the optical drive; the graphics card is in its own tight spot; and the motherboard is all but completely obscured.


The choice of a Radeon HD 4850-based card might have been a matter of necessity due to space, and the relative weakness of the 350W power supply. This case will not fit a massive, 11-inch-long graphics card, and its PSU may not have the juice to run a more power-hungry card anyway.


Two small, 80mm case fans keep the system relatively cool. The CPU is outfitted with a stock Intel CPU cooler, and there isn't room for an upgrade. That's probably why the system wasn't factory overclocked; heat would be a major issue here. We even tooled with the P6T motherboard's substantial overclocking abilities, but only managed to score about 200MHz over spec before the system refused to boot.

To AVA Direct's credit, the cables are bound and neat and out of the way, for ideal cooling.

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