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Pinnacle Studio 9, Mediator 8, & Visual Communicator

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Pinnacle Studio 9 (ATI Edition) is a powerful addition to the All-In-Wonder X800 XL package.  Pinnacle Studio brings full fledged video authoring and editing capabilities in a simple to use interface.  Whether you are looking to convert those 8mm home movies to DVD or want to produce your own independent film, Pinnacle Studio 9 brings the features and functionality that makes it both fun and easy. 

Pinnacle Studio 9 (ATI Edition)

Visual Communicator Web is another powerful product that brings a host of unique features to the table.  Picking up where Pinnacle Studio leaves off, Visual Communicator Web lets users integrate effects, text and other 3D graphics into their home movies with yet another simple to follow interface.

 Visual Communicator Web Edition

Mediator 8 is not like either of the above software packages, but more of an all-in-one solution for creating Flash based CDs and web pages as well as other effects.  If you've ever used an interactive CD that presents video with flash animations and other interactivity, this is what Mediator 8 is geared toward.

 Mediator 8 Standard Edition


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