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Chronicles of Riddick

Benchmarks with Chronicles of Riddick - Escape From Butcher Bay
Riddick & The D3 Engine

Chronicles of Riddick
Starbreeze Studios is responsible for creating this season's surprise hit (at least on the PC), The Chronicles of Riddick - Escape From Butcher Bay.  Those familiar with movie will recall Butcher Bay was one of the prison options on tap for the main character.  While the movie never actually made it to Butcher Bay, we find the main character right at home in this surprisingly good game.  Not only does it boast excellent game play with very good visuals and a mature story line, the Chronicles of Riddick proves to be a tough challenge, and a game worth buying. It also happens to bring most of today's video cards to their knees through the use of a modified version of the Doom 3 engine, making it an excellent candidate for benchmarking.

In this test, the GeForce 6800GT topped the All-In-Wonder in both no AA test, by 18 FPS at 1024x768 and 5 FPS at 1600x1200.  When we enabled 4X AA and 8X Aniso testing, the GeForce 6800GT managed to top both ATI cards again, beating the All-In-Wonder X800 XL by 9 FPS at 1024x768 and less than 3 FPS at 1600x1200.

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