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The All-In-Wonder X800 XT also ships with a few useful third-party applications meant to expose the card's multimedia functionality. Pinnacle Studio 9 is included with the card, as opposed to the older Pinnacle Studio 8 that shipped with the AIW 9600 XT, along with Matchware Mediator v7.0, and Serious Magic's Visual Communicator...

The AIW X800 XT: More On The Software
Multimedia to the Max

Pinnacle Studio 9 (ATI Edition)

Pinnacle Studio 9 (ATI Edition)

Pinnacle Studio 9 is a time-line based software video editing package, with quite a few powerful features. With Pinnacle Studio 9, users are able to capture, edit and author their own videos through the program's relatively easy-to-use interface.  The program also gives users the ability to add background music, mix multiple audio tracks, add wipes and other effects to the video, and output the finished product to a file or to a DVD.


Mediator 7.0

Matchware Mediator 7.0 is another content creation software package included with the All-In-Wonder X800 XT, but it's not geared strictly towards budding video editors.  With Mediator 7.0, users can create Flash animations, HTML and interactive animations by dragging-and-dropping images and short video clips right into the program.  Mediator also has the ability to add transitions and other effects, and includes an assortment of templates for creating quick "canned" animations.


Visual Communicator

Visual Communicator

Serious Magic's Visual Communicator is another software package included with the All-In-Wonder X800 XT. Visual Communicator, like Pinnacle Studio, can be used for video production, but Visual Communicator also has the ability to integrate real-time video with real-time 3D graphics. The program includes an on-screen teleprompter, customizable graphics and titles, real-time transition and green screen effects as well as virtual sets.  As you can see in the screen shots above, the program has a relatively uncomplicated user interface, and gives users the ability to preview their work on the fly.

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