ATI All-In-Wonder PCI Express X600 Pro

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HH Test Bed and Final Fantasy XI Benchmark 3

HotHardware's Test System
Not all are created equal...

Socket T - Pentium 4 530 (3GHz)
A Foxconn 925XE7AA-8EKRS2 Motherboard
I925XE Chipset
ATI All-In-Wonder PCIe X600 Pro
Radeon X600 XT
GeForce PCX5750
On-Board 10/100/1000 Ethernet
On-Board Audio
WD 30GB Hard Drive
Windows XP Pro SP2
ATi Catalyst 4.12

Performances Comparisons With Final Fantasy XI Benchmark 3
A Classic Console Franchise On The PC

Final Fantasy XI
The Final Fantasy franchise is well known to console gamers, but Squaresoft has since made the jump to the PC with a MMORPG version of this classic. The Final Fantasy XI benchmark 3 is the latest edition that runs through multiple scenes from the game and displays a final score every time a full cycle of the demo is completed. Although the demo is meant the check an entire system's readiness to play the game, the number of frames rendered scales when different video cards are used. Lower scores indicate some frames were dropped to complete the demo in the allotted time. The scores below were taken with the demo set to its "High Resolution" option (1024x768), with anti-aliasing disabled.


In the latest installment of the Final Fantasy XI benchmark, the scales tipped in favor of the Asus 9600XT, by a margin of about 350 points.  The AIW X600 Pro put up respectable scores compared to the X600 XT and topped the GeForce 5750 by almost 130 points.

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