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Visual Communicator Web and Pinnacle Studio 9

Visual Communicator Web and Pinnacle Studio 9
Video Editing Software

While the Multimedia Center 9 is the centerpiece of the All-In-Wonder experience, ATI also includes several other titles that utilize the card's inherent features.  The first of these titles is Serious Magic's Visual Communicator Web, an interesting video editing and production package.  The main goal of the software is to make custom video presentations using built in scripts, giving the video capture a newsroom type feel.  For example, with a camera connected to one of the card's inputs, you could record yourself giving a presentation, then give it a number of different looks as seen in the first screenshot.


Overall, the installation was simple and straightforward.  Once complete, we had no trouble getting a feel for the interface, which also has an easy to follow wizard to walk you through each step of the process.  When complete, you can publish your file and have the program optimize the size for various internet connection speeds.

The other application may be more familiar to some, that being Pinnacle Studio Version 9.  This is another video production package whose main focus is on building custom movies.  The software can capture video directly from the TV Tuner as well as from the cards S-Video and Composite inputs.  Once capturing is complete, the file can be edited, trimmed and various options applied to polish the video to your liking.


The interface for Pinnacle Studio 9 was designed to be easy to understand, and it was.  In a matter of a few minutes, we were capturing and editing video without needing to reference a manual.  The software breaks everything out into segments, so you can easily deleted unwanted portions of a video, such as commercials, and even add in transition effect too.

The inclusion of these two software packages really adds to the potential uses for the All-In-Wonder X600 Pro.  Each package fills a distinct niche in video editing and production and gives the casual user fairly powerful and easy to use tools to get started in the video editing and production process.

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