Asus Z80K: Athlon 64 DTR Notebook

Gaming Performance

Gaming Performance
Gaming on the mobile front...

Overall, the gaming scores we have here are pretty much what we expected, considering that the Z80K's MR9700 is clocked slower than the MR9700 on the Alienware Arena 51-M.

The GeForce Go5700 makes a strong stand in Jedi Academy, but there was definite loss in quality. The lightsaber glow wasn't as fine and there were examples where lightning isn't as smooth or as detailed as it was on the ATI powered notebooks.

X2 is thrown in as an indicator of DX8 performance. Keep in mind these are 4xAA and 8xAF scores. With either disabled, we were hitting framerates in the low 40's fps range.

In Doom3, we had some problems with earlier instances of ATI drivers, because at a specific point, the game would crash. With the newer drivers from ATI, every time a monster hit us, the screen would just blank for a second, as opposed to shake and tremble. NVIDIA's newer driver didn't have this problem. We should note that with Doom 3, this was the only game that made the GPUs run really hot on Alienware's 51-M. On the Z80K, Doom 3 is relatively slow, but the GPU wasn't clocked very high and ran relatively warm, not hot.

With out AA enabled, framerates were in the sub 20 fps range all around in Doom 3.  And with 4XAA enabled, none of the notebooks we tested were able to break the 10 FPS barrier.

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