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Unreal Tournament 2004 - DX8 Gaming


Next, we did some benchmarking with Epic's Unreal Tournament 2004.  When testing with UT 2004, we use a specific set of game engine initialization settings that ensure all of the systems are being benchmarked with the exact same in-game settings and graphics options.  Like the other in-game tests, we used a "Low-Quality" setting with UT2004 that isolated CPU and memory performance.

Unreal Tournament 2004
DirectX 8 Gaming Performance

Here again the Asus P5AD2-E shows its got game as the faster i925XE board between the two in our test setup.  However, as expected, the Athlon 64's game face is on here and the 4000+ even overtakes the exorbitantly expensive P4 EE 3.46GHz CPU with the Asus board.  Actually neither high end Intel or AMD CPU is reasonable price wise, with a A64 4000+ clocking in a $700 and the P4 EE 3.4/3.46GHz CPUs knocking you over at $1K.  All the more reason to overclock, and the Asus P5AD2-E is up to that task, as we've already shown you.

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