Asus G73Jh Gaming Notebook Review

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Accessory Bundle
What's in the box?

Asus includes a small bundle with the G73. Along with the notebook, we find documentation, a lint-free LCD cleaning cloth, power cable, AC/DC adapter, wired mouse, and software recovery disks. The good news is the notebook is ready to roll once powered on so only the power cables and 8-cell lithium ion battery are required right from the start. But we were disappointed in the user manual as it obviously was made to cover just the basic features of the laptop, in order to be used with several different models. Along with the drivers disk, there were several software utilities included.

It would be fitting if Asus included a game to go along with this gaming notebook, but no luck in that department. Instead, G73 owners get a sweet looking, black Republic of Gamers backpack that holds their new toy, with plenty of room to spare. It is actually much darker than the image above reflects, feels very sturdy, and appears very well built. There is light padding within the backpack for a small degree of protection, but we still suggest being very careful when transporting the G73.

Our G73 arrived with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit preinstalled, which can make full use of the 8GB of RAM. Asus also included a software bundle that some users may find useful. In a perfect world, the trial versions of CyberLink and Microsoft Office would be replaced with full versions. But a bigger disappointment came when we loaded a Blu-ray movie into the drive and tried to watch it. After some searching, we realized we couldn't. Windows Media Player can't do it natively, and the CyberLink programs installed won't do the job either. The G73 simply does not come with software to play Blu-ray movies even though it features a Blu-ray drive. Odd, isn't it?  You can find third party software on the internet for this purpose but its a surprising omission for this product.

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