Asus G73Jh Gaming Notebook Review

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Battery Performance

To test out all battery life claims, we use the notebook benchmark tool Battery Eater Pro running in Classic mode and record the time it takes for the laptop to run out of power in battery mode and shut down.
Battery Info & Performance
Testing with BatteryEater Pro

With Battery Eater Pro running and High Performance mode enabled, it took 64 minutes for the G73 to use up a full charge. The battery life we experienced was on par with Eurocom's M98NU Xcaliber, and a few minutes better than the Clevo X8100. Keep in mind, our benchmark puts a continuous load on the graphics card as well as the CPU so we consider this result as a "worst case" result. With a lighter workload combined with idle time periods, the G73 will keep its charge much longer. But if you plan on gaming or watching movies for very long, you better find an outlet to keep the juice flowing. 

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