Asus Eee PC1005PE, Atom N450 Pinetrail Launch

Atom N450 Vital Signs

Next we took a closer look at the Atom N450 and various details like its standard clock speeds, multipliers, cache pool and low power states.  CPU-Z reported the following information to us...

Atom N450 At Idle and Loaded - System Memory Specs

In an idle state, the processor drops down to a 6X multiplier with a resultant core speed of 1GHz.  At full load we see a 1.7GHz core speed, which is also being bolstered by the Asus Super Hybrid Engine software that comes pre-installed on this netbook and is overclocking the device slightly when set to its high performance mode.  At stock speed, as reported in the specification string from CPU-Z, the Atom N450 has a 1.66GHz core clock.  We also see that this Atom variant has 56K total of instruction and data L1 cache with 512K of L2 cache.  In terms of system memory, a single 1GB DDR2-800MHz SODIMM is installed in this netbook but its clocked at 667MHz in the BIOS of the machine.

Finally, the Windows 7 Experience Index rating on the Eee PC 1005PE we tested, shows the weakest link being the processor, followed by the graphics core.  This is not surprising however and fairly representative of the average single core Atom netbook with Intel's previous generation 945G integrated graphics.

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