Asus Eee PC 900 Ultra Mobile PC

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Software and Applications

Right out of the box, the Asus Eee PC 900 comes with 47 different applications, utilities and diagnostic tools already pre-loaded and ready to use.

Software and Applications - Primary Screens and Programs
Loaded Up and Ready to Go



When the unit is first power up, you're presented with a simple menu screen with tabs labeled Internet, Work, Learn, Play, Settings, and Favorites.  Under each tab is an assortment of related applications related to the tab.  For example, the work tab has a spreadsheet and document editor, the Play tab has games, and so on.

Software and Applications -"Settings"
System Configuration Screens



As we've already mentioned, the Asus Eee PC 900 comes loaded with a custom Xandros-based Linux distro.  The machine takes about 15 seconds to boot and shuts down in even quicker.  You can see in the above top right shot, that the OS and various applications take up about 2.3GB of the initial 4GB of flash storage. This leaves about 17GB+ of space free if you include the space offered by the 16GB storage module.

There are also various standard utilities available to manage various functions, like task manager and a BIOS updater.  In addition, Asus ahs bundled anti-virus software that can be routinely updated with virus definitions via the on board WiFi or 10/100 Ethernet connections through the internet.


The Eee PC's built-in diags software show us that the machine is built on an Intel Mobile processor with integrated Intel Graphics capable of a 24-bit color depth.  The on-board 4GB Flash drive on board is built by Silicon Motion.  Finally, the Eee PC also comes with a pre-built system health check utility for testing all the major functions built into the machine.

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