Asus 13.3" UL30A CULV Notebook Review

Software and Accessories

Asus is clearly trying its best to ensure that the price tag on this CULV machine doesn't top $800, and that means only a few accessories and software are included. Within the box, you'll find just the machine itself, a few install discs, an Express Gate user guide (that's an Instant-On operating system pre-loaded onto the UL30, by the way), a UL30 user guide, an AC adapter and an AC power cable.

Asus UL30 Accessories; Click To Enlarge

On the software front, our test unit was loaded with Windows Vista Home Premium, CyberLink's Power2Go disc burning software, a suite of Asus utilities, the previously mentioned Express Gate Instant-On OS, Norton Internet Security, Adobe Reader 9, a 30-day Microsoft Office trial and...well, that's about it. Nothing too earth-shattering here, and we'd actually prefer if Norton came only on a disc so it wouldn't pester those who didn't want it every time they booted up (until they uninstalled it, of course).

Asus UL30 Desktop/Software; Click To Enlarge

We should mention that we can't wait for Windows 7 to start shipping in October, as the CULV platform (along with netbooks) stands a great chance of benefiting from Win7's improved speed and usability. But since we're still a month away from the new operating system's official ship date, the machines on the market today still use Vista.

Asus UL30 Box; Click To Enlarge

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