Asus 13.3" U30Jc Laptop, Optimus-Enabled Mobility

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Software and Accessories

Asus keeps it pretty simple when it comes to packaging. The box itself is rather small, just large enough to hold the U30Jc notebook, a power cord, an AC power brick, a drivers CD, user guide and a micro-fiber LCD cleaning cloth, the latter of which is a great inclusion considering that the glossy panel picks up dust and fingerprints readily. No extras beyond the cloth are included, but for the price, we honestly didn't expect any.

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As for software, Asus has smartly loaded the 64-bit copy of Windows 7 Home Premium on here. Many machines these days are shipping with 4GB of RAM, but only a 32-bit OS. The 64-bit platform enables all 4GB to be fully used and recognized. Unfortunately, a good bit of bloatware was also included.

A Trend Micro security suite continually bugged us to activate and register, and a few other apps loaded up on startup that we weren't exactly eager to use. Again, we wish PC makers would leave these non-essential apps on a disc for users to install or leave alone; as it stands, we had to spend a good bit of time uninstalling things to get the machine how we wanted it.

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