AMD's 690G/V Series Chipset Preview And Performance Testing

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File System Testing With HDTach 3.0 and SANDRA XI

In our next round of tests, we targeted drive performance to highlight the efficiency at which each chipset handles data flow to and from the hard drives.  To do this, we used HDTach 3.0 and SANDRA XI's File System Test.  As with the LAME MT and Cinebench testing, the tests were run with integrated and discrete graphics and no major differences were noted, so discrete graphics results were not included.

HDTach 3.0
Average Read and Burst Performance

Using HDTach 3.0, we opted to run the Long Bench on the boot drive which utilizes 32MB Zones.  Both Average Read and Burst Speeds were recorded.

The ASUS M2NPV-VM posted a slightly faster burst rate at 127MB/s, but the average reads were consistent with all three models tested. 

SANDRA XI - File System Testing
Random Access and Drive Index

Next we ran the File System Test in SANDRA XI which focuses on Random Access in ms and average reads, recorded as Drive Index.

With SANDRA XI's File System Testing, the results were even more consistent, with all boards returning identical results.

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