AMD's 690G/V Series Chipset Preview And Performance Testing

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SANDRA XI: CPU and Memory Performance

Synthetic CPU and Memory Performance

We started testing with SiSoftware's SANDRA XI, the System ANalyzer, Diagnostic and Reporting Assistant, by running three built-in subsystem tests; CPU, Multimedia, and Memory.  We ran each test module twice with each system, once with integrated graphics enabled and again with a discrete graphics card (GeForce 7600 GT) installed.  First up are the CPU and Multimedia scores.

Both CPU and Multimedia modules revealed no surprises, reporting each test system to be on par with one another in each test.  We saw no major impact on performance when comparing integrated and discrete graphics performance.

With the Memory Bandwidth test we saw more variation in the results.  The AMD 690G sported the lowest scores of the three boards tested with integrated graphics enabled.  Conversely, the 690G demonstrated the biggest jump in performance when discrete graphics was used, returning the highest overall scores when able to utilize the full system memory complement. 

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