Western Digital Caviar RE2 750 GB

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Power Consumption

Total System Power Consumption
Measured with SeaSonic PowerAngel Hardware Watt Monitor

In the following tests, lower power consumption values are indicative of better, more efficient performance.  The following tests measure total system performance for each test system configuration.

Western Digital has been on the forefront of “green” power saving storage technologies, and of course, we are curious to see if the RE2 inherits any of the features that WD has been moving into their GP line of disks. We tested power consumption by running the drives at idle levels at the Windows desktop, and then by testing power consumption levels while running intensive disk benchmarks.

Obviously, our two-disk RAID-0 scenarios consumed a bit more power compared to our single disk scenarios. What we did find is that the WD Caviar RE2 consumes about 15-20W less power under heavy load, compared to the WD Raptor. The Caviar RE2 is very light in terms of power consumption, thanks to its tri-platter design and lower spindle speed.

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