Western Digital Caviar RE2 750 GB

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File Copy Test

FCTest File Copy Benchmark
Storage Scenario Benchmarks

File Copy Test (FC-Test) uses a series of patterns of copying empty data files to a source (test) hard disk which emulate real-world storage scenarios.  FC-Test can emulate the disk write strains of program installers, ISO's, MP3 music libraries, modern Windows applications, and the Windows operating system itself.   In order to showcase better performance, you'd want your file copy times to be lower, representing faster speeds.   Benchmarks are reported in overall time to finish each test.

RAID-0 certainly helps copy files faster, as across the board, we see the RAID-0 disk setups completing our file copy tests faster than single-disk scenarios. The majority of tests showcase the Western Digital Raptor in the performance lead when in a RAID-0 configuration, although in terms of single disk performance, the Caviar RE2 is right on par with the Raptor. All in all, the Raptor can copy files a bit faster, but the RE2 is right on its tail.

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