Western Digital Caviar RE2 750 GB

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PCMark Vantage

PCMark Vantage Vista Benchmark
Storage Scenario Benchmarks

 In the following tests, higher scores are indicative of better performance.


Our synthetic PCMark Vantage disk performance scores are all over the place, and definitely showcase that there is not one of our storage solutions which dominates the performance charts above all others. The Western Digital Caviar RE2 drive performs quite well in Digital Images in a single disk scenario, but its performance actually drops in a RAID-0 configuration (the Raptor disk in RAID-0 showed performance degradation as well). These numbers are offset by Media Center performance, where the RE2 shows excellent RAID and non-RAID performance against the Raptor disks. The Raptor drives come back and deliver better performance in gaming scenarios, whereas the Caviar RE2 falls behind.

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