Western Digital Caviar RE2 750 GB

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PCMark Vantage (Continued)

PCMark Vantage Vista Benchmark
Storage Scenario Benchmarks

In the following tests, higher scores are indicative of better performance.


While the Caviar RE2 falters in the “Audio” portion of the Vantage test, the drive performs quite well in the Windows Defender and Application Load areas of the test. All in all, the Caviar performs slightly slower than the Raptor in Vantage, as the Raptor disks in RAID-0 delivered a higher final score (5942) compared to the Caviar RE2 disks in RAID-0 (5732). However, this is only about a 3% difference in overall Windows Vista performance between these two disks, which is pretty small if you consider the price tag variance between these two sets of drives.

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