Western Digital Caviar RE2 750 GB

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Storage Focused Gaming Benchmarks

 In the following tests, lower times are indicative of better performance.

In order to test our the gaming chops of these drives, we decided on a three-pronged test. First,  how long does it take to install a game?  Next, how long does it take to load the level?  And finally,  once the level is loaded, do the hard disks have any effect on overall gaming performance?  Crytek's Crysis is the best test vehicle out there for this right now, as it’s very disk heavy.

What we found is that hard disks really don’t affect the gaming experience that much, at least for the comparisons and configurations we tested. Our RAID-0 storage configurations completed the game install in 5-10 seconds faster than some of our slower single disk configurations, but it really wasn’t enough to make a noticeable difference. Level load times were nearly identical across the board, and overall framerate was just about dead-on the same between these drive setups.

In any case, the RE2 can make for an excellent gaming rig hard drive, as it delivered performance on par with the Raptor series and other drives in our tests.

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