Ultra ChillTec Thermo Electric CPU Cooler

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Overclocking - Temperature and Power Assessment

Overclocking with the ChillTec TEC
Increased Speeds with Increased Power

When it came to overclocking, we had very good luck with the ChillTec Thermo-Electric CPU cooler.  This is actually the first time we've attempted overclocking this particular CPU, and our stock cooler wasn't up to the task, failing to maintain proper temperatures with a minor increase in clock speed.  With the ChillTEC TEC, however, we managed to overclock the chip 408MHz, which is a solid increase of 18.5%, topping the speed of an Athlon 64 X2 6000+.




Like we did in the previous page, we ran the overclocked CPU at full load and measured wattage draw with and without the peltier connected.  With the peltier on, the CPU ran 48°C but the system wattage was quite high at 265W.  When we removed the Peltier, the CPU temperature climbed 6°C but system wattage dropped 56W.  54°C is still well within limits of the CPU's design and trading off nearly 60W of power consumption seems fair for a 6°C increase in temperature.  Regardless whether the peltier was enabled or not, if we raised the CPU speed any higher, Prime95's torture test would terminate after a few minutes after detecting errors in the test.

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