Ultra ChillTec Thermo Electric CPU Cooler

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The Ultra ChillTec LCD
Colors Galor!

Intially the control module for the ChillTec TEC seems impressive, but after a few moments it becomes clear that it's more flash than function.  Ultra does seem to go through a lot of trouble to make the LCD look busy and give the impression that a lot is going on.


small_081.JPG  small_082.JPG small_083.JPG


Aside from offering a number of different color shades, all the controller offers the user is temperature readings in either Celsius or Farhenheit.  There is also an alarm that will trigger if the CPU reaches excessive temperatures, which causes the LCD to flash red and the unit to emit a loud beep.  Aside from that, the LCD displays a small figure digging with a shovel and the words Ultra Ultra Ultra flash across the top of the display.


small_084.JPG  small_085.JPG small_086.JPG


Throughtout the temperature testing of this unit you will see a broad range of temperature readings as we ran the ChillTec TEC through a number of different tests.  However, while the motherboard reported the temperatures for us in Windows accurately, the LCD was off.  When we recorded our lowest temperature at 15C, the LCD reported 27C and when the CPU peaked at 54C in another test, the LCD reported 33C, a 21 degree difference.  Of course, you can't expect an external reading from a thermal sensor mounted to a heatsink, to match those reported by the system BIOS reading the CPU's internal thermal diode, but the different here was pretty dramatic.

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