Ultra ChillTec Thermo Electric CPU Cooler

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Installation of Hardware

The Ultra ChillTec TEC
Installation of Hardware

As our test machine is based on an AM2 processor, our approach to installation of the ChillTec TEC will focus on that socket, however, each supported process application is similar except for the required brackets needed for mounting.


small_007.JPG  small_004.JPG small_001.JPG


To prepare the ChillTec TEC for installation, the proper mounting brackets must first be attached to the base of the cooler.  In this application, two AM2 brackets are attached using four screws.  Once in place, it's time to address the hardware required on the motherboard.


 small_013.JPG small_015.JPG


Once the stock cooler frame is removed, the appropriate base is inserted through the four holes on the mainboard.  Once in place, it's time to apply some thermal grease and position the cooler over the four posts.  With the unit resting on the CPU, four spring loaded thumb screws can be applied to secure the cooler in place.  The screws can be tightened by hand, but special attention should be paid to balanced tightening of the four screws to ensure the cooler is mounted evenly on the CPU.


small_017.JPG  small_019.JPG small_021.JPG


Once secured into position, it's time to connect the control module to the cooler.  For power, the module accepts a standard molex power connection, relying on proprietary cabling to connect the cooler itself, powering the fan, peltier and enabling communication of fan speeds and termperatures between the two components.  Once the requisite wires are connected, the ChilTec TEC is ready for action, but first we'll take a quick look at the control box.

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