Ultra ChillTec Thermo Electric CPU Cooler

Introduction and Product Specifications

The Ultra ChillTec Thermo-Electric CPU Cooler is a bit more than an oversized aftermarket cooler.  This unit marries two technologies into a single package, teaming a heat-pipe type cooler with a peltier and an oversized fan to offer extreme cooling potential.  To help facilitate its features properly, Ultra also integrates an external control module that's programmed to control the cooler's functions and report on the current health of the CPU.

Based on its relatively unique design and a rather hefty pricepoint, we were eager to delve into the design and performance of the Ultra ChillTec Thermo-Electric CPU cooler.  Our goal is to see how well the unit performs compared to stock cooling and to assess the advantages of adding a Peltier to the unit's overall design.  At the end of our tests and evaluation, we'll look whether or not the designers of the ChillTec Thermo-Electric CPU cooler came up with a truly innovative product or rather a flashy product that doesn't quite live up to its potential.


Ultra ChillTec Thermo Electric CPU Cooler
Big, Quiet and Colorful


    * Socket Types: Intel Socket 775, AMD Socket AM2 / 754 / 939 / 940
    * Cooler Dimensions: 128 x 104 x 147
    * Thermoelectric Chip: 40 x 40 / 12V DC
    * Total Power Dissipation:
      0% Load = 5 W
      50% Load = 28 W
      100% Load = 50 W
    * Heatsink Material: 4 Heat Pipes, Aluminum Fins, Copper Base
    * Heatsink Dimensions: 90 x 90 x 160 mm
    * Fan Dimensions: 92 x 92 x 25 mm
    * Fan Voltage Rating: 12V DC

    * Fan Speed and Noise Levels:
      Low 2000rpm / 20 dB(A)
      Medium 2400 rpm / 24 dB(A)
      High 2800 rpm / 28 dB(A)
    * Thermal Resistance: 0.12-0.15(ºC/W)
    * Weight: 985g (With Fan)
    * Temperature Monitor Range: 0ºF~99ºF / 32ºF ~ 210.2ºF
    * TEC Temperature Response Time to Control Unit: < 1 Second
    * Controller Dimensions: 150 x 147 x 43 mm
    * Controller Weight: 508 g

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The retail package of the Ultra ChillTec Thermo-Electric Cooler is impressive at first glance.  The package is comprised of the heat-pipe/peltier based cooler, an external control module, power cabling and mounting hardware for use with both Intel and AMD based CPUs. The package also comes with a tube of thermal grease and a small installation guide.  We'll comment on the hardware more in the pages ahead.  However, as far as the documentation goes, the installation guide could use some revising.  While the guide does explain the various installation processes based on the CPU it is matched with, it is somehwat small and hard to read.  They also failed to focus on the proper positioning of the fan in the case.  Should the fan be facing the front of the case?  Should be directed at the PSU intake?  It's simply not clear, leaving plenty of room for error for less savvy users.  If you read the documentation and don't rush into the installation process, you'll probably be fine, however.

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