Ultra ChillTec Thermo Electric CPU Cooler

Component Overview

The Ultra ChillTec Thermo-Electric Cooler
Component Overview

The ChillTec Thermo-Electric Cooler is designed to support a broad range of CPUs including Intel's socket 775 and AMD's AM2, 754, 939 and 940 sockets.  The cooler itself is quite large, measuring 128mm long, 104mm wide and standing 147mm tall.  The unit is outfitted with an illuminated 92mm fan that forces air across the aluminum fins and dumps the warmed air toward the rear of the chassis.  The fan is rated to run as low as 2000 RPM with a maximum RPM of 2800.  The noise ratings for the fan range from 20dB at the lowest speed with the highest speed rated at 29dB.


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As stated in the technology overview, the ChillTec TEC marries a heat pipe cooler with a peltier, which is controlled by an external control module.  The module is more for show than for offering any kind of control over the ChillTec TEC's behavior.  The module reports CPU temperature and offers flashy animations, but that's about it.  The main functions of the unit are locked and programmed to enable and disable the peltier cooler as needed.


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When it comes to mounting the cooler, regardless of the CPU, access to the backside of the motherboard is required.  This can be a major detractor for those looking to use the ChillTec TEC in an existing PC build.  In each case, the stock cooler frame needs to be removed and then the appropriate hardware needs to be used based on the installed CPU.

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