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Ultra's Power Protection Units with AVR offer approximately 60 to 90 minutes of battery-powered up-time, depending on the load being put on the unit at the time of a power outage, of course. Ultra claims the 1025VA unit can supply power for 60-70 minutes, the 1500VA unit for 70-80 minutes, and the 2000VA unit for 80-90 minutes. But these are really just estimations based on a unit running with a moderate load.

With an Athlon 64 FX-60 powered SLI rig, complete with a pair of 7900 GTX cards, 2GB of RAM, and a Raptor hard drive plugged into the 2000VA unit, along with a 24" Dell LCD, battery power went from full capacity to about 80% immediately after pulling the power cord from the wall.  And the system continued to have power for about 45-50 minutes while simulating a typical workload. Your mileage will vary based on your system configuration and workload, however.


We found Ultra's Power Protection UPS Units with AVR to be sturdy, well built products, that were easy to setup and use. They've been up and running in our CT lab for the last few weeks and have endured one "real-world" power outage due to lightning and a handful of scattered thunder storms. Automatic Voltage Regulation and the front mounted displays were the standout features that differentiate these UPSes from the run of the mill varieties, and the limited $125K warranty is a definitely plus as well.  At about $90 to $180, these power protection units are not cheap, but considering the level of protection offered and the fact that they'll likely live through multiple upgrade cycles, it's money well spent in our opinion. If you've got a mid-range system and a smallish screen, the 1025VA unit should offer plenty of batter-powered up-time to get a little more work done and shut down properly, but we'd recommend the 1500VA and 2000VA units to power users.  Based on their features, quality, and easy hardware and software setup, we're giving Ultra's Power Protection UPS Units with AVR a solid 8.5 on the Heat Meter.

  • Useful Front Mounted Display
  • Heavy & Well Built
  • Easy to Use Software
  • Quick Setup
  • Good Protection
  • Battery Backup
  • Battery will be difficult to replace
  • No protected coax I/O
  • No bundled Ethernet patch cable

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