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Bundled Software: UPS MON

In addition to the power protection features inherent to a unit of this type, Ultra's UPSes with AVR offer more tangible features through the use of the bundled UPS MON software...

UPS MON Main Menu

As its name implies, the UPS MON software package can be used to monitor the state of the UPS. The main screen graphically displays the input and output voltages and frequencies, the load level and battery power. Along the right side of the menu, the AVR mode and line and UPS states are visible.  Lastly, downtime and startup-time data is listed at the lower-right corner.

System Configuration & Scheduler

Along the top of the main UPS MON screen are a group of buttons that direct users to a number of sub-menus. On the system configuration menu, users can specify time to shutdown and related settings, and on the Schedule Setup screen users are given the ability to schedule events based on monthly, weekly, or daily calendars.

Pager & E-Mail Setup

The pager and e-mail setup menus can be used to specify contact information and in the event of a failure or outage the user will be sent an alert via e-mail or a pager.  Setting up an e-mail alert is as easy as entering the necessary mail server settings and login info, but keep in mind that sending a message to a pager requires an analog modem and dial-up connection which is becoming a rarity these days.

Record Viewer & Event Log

Finally, we have the Record Viewer and Event Log menus.  As its name implies, the Record Viewer menu gives users the ability to record data related to the unit, like input and output voltages and frequencies, and the load level and battery power state. This could be a useful tool to monitor the status of the power coming into your home at different times of the day, or during particularly stressful times of the year, like in the summer when everyone in the neighborhood has their air conditioners running constantly.  The Event Log menu does what its name suggests -- log events. Should there be an outage, spike, overload, etc., the event log will keep track of it for future reference.

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