Ultra Backup Systems with AVR

Exterior and Interior

As we've mentioned, the Ultra 2000VA, 1500VA, and 1025VA power protection units all offer similar features, including line interactive designs, AVR (auto voltage regulation), USB communication ports, alarms for battery backup, low battery and overload, energy saving functions (UPS green mode), and automatic charging when the UPS is off. But perhaps the most interesting feature is their warranty. Ultra offers a conditional $125,000 Connected Equipment Warranty with these units. If something plugged into one of the units gets fried, Ultra will reimburse user for the value of the device provided nothing fishy was going on.



All of the units are encased in heavy gauge metal enclosures that are perforated on either side for ventilation. The front fascias, however, are a hard plastic. The back of the units are outfitted with protected RJ11/RJ45 inputs and outputs to protect a DSL/phone line or a network connection, a USB port, a circuit breaker, a power plug, and six grounded outlets. The two white outlets at the left offer protection from surges only, while the groups of four black outlets offer surge protection and battery backup. Noticeably absent are any F-Type Coax connections for protecting a cable modem.


There are also some interesting things going on at the front of the units. Aside from the lighted power button in the corner, right about in the center of the front fascia, Ultra has installed LED displays that give information regarding the units' health. The display shows whether or not the units are powered up or overloaded.  And they also show the battery power level and the AC voltage. The AC voltage monitor is handy in particular because its an indicator as to whether or not the AVR function is being put to use. AVR automatically increases the output voltage to 15% above the input voltage if the input voltage is -9% to -25% of nominal. On the flip-side, AVR decrease the output voltage by 13% of the input voltage if it's +9% to +25% of nominal.


With the units disassembled, you can see what's going on inside. There is a long PCB that spans the entire length of the unit and underneath the PCB is a large inductor coil and a pair of rechargeable batteries wired in serial. The batteries are really crammed in tight, and will unfortunately take quite a bit of disassembly should they need to be replaced.

Ultra claims the power protection circuitry in these units provides filtering and spike protection for up to 2100 Joules, with a transfer time of 2 - 4 milliseconds, including detection time. A typical, basic $10 to $20 surge protector can usually handle a spike of about 1200 to 1500 joules. We should also note that these power protection units offer short circuit and overload protection as well, should the load exceed 110% of nominal for 60 seconds or 130% of nominal for 3 seconds.

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