Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands Review - PC Gameplay And Performance

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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands Opinions And The Wrap-Up

Where The Division was primarily a shooter-based RPG, with the customary critical hit dice rolls and luck-of-the-draw RNG loot grinding; Ghost Recon: Wildlands is irrefutably a shooter with very satisfying gun mechanics, bullet drop, recoil and one-and-done single-bullet lethality. Complexity in single-player squad tactics is definitely at an all time low for the franchise. The trade off is support from locals which can be earned and upgraded for a variety of effects and uses. Additionally, there are plenty of ways to coordinate and be strategic with your flesh and blood homeys in a bustling world of this size and complexity. Plus it’s just good fun roaming around beautiful virtual Bolivia and coordinating tactics with your real world buddies. Suspending your disbelief comes amazingly easy with this game title and it's easy to just lose yourself in the Wildlands.

Ghost Recon Wildlands helicopter sniping

The game doesn't bog you down with complex loot management either. Character and gear customization feels engaging, while cosmetic and gear acquisition is quite natural and organic. The Story and Side missions are seemingly endless, as you traverse virtual Bolivia in search of the next piece of intel to lead you to that next cartel boss.
Ghost Recon Wildlands motorcycle ground movement
In Ghost Recon: Wildlands there are many different ways to cover ground.

And with any good sandbox open-world game with guns, the meta game is strong here. In fact, acquiring gear is its own meta game. Virtually all the game's weapons are shown in the inventory, despite being locked until discovered. Want to go quickly acquire that high powered MSR sniper rifle? Simply select it in the inventory, where you will see the province in which its located. Now grab a vehicle and get going! Provinces are massive, so once you get there you will need to track down intel to reveal all the weapon caches (this can be done for supply caches, rebel ops side missions, skill points and medals) or simply wander the region until you find it. We did this for hours until we were adequately looted to whiz through the first few story missions.

Ghost Recon Wildlands vantage point for sniper attack
And a good vantage point is always critical to success...

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands is virtually unrecognizable from previous installments in the series. Yet before you snub your nose at the lack of homage to the classics, this new outing in the Wildlands is more than a worthy entry to the franchise. Sure, the mission structure can get repetitive, character control can be finicky at times and system requirements for full-tilt max settings are demanding. Regardless, this big budget triple-A title has captured lightning in a bottle. It's a no-brainer for shooter fans who love player freedom, multiplayer co-op game play and open world romps with heaps of immersive engagement.
hothardware recommended
hot not
  • Most expansive game world Ubisoft has ever made
  • Jaw-dropping game engine
  • Fun, engaging, immersive
  • Tons to do with endless game options
  • Enjoyable guns blazing or tactical
  • Satisfying mechanics & gear customization
  • Wealth of graphic settings to tweak
  • NVIDIA Ansel support
  • Free PvP update in-bound.
  • Mission structure eventually becomes repetitive
  • Lacking tactical flare for single-player operatives
  • NVIDIA GameWorks can mean eye-candy inequality  on AMD
  • Demanding system requirements
  • Minor glitches
  • Poor multi-gpu performance/scaling
  • Ansel is buggy currently

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