The ASUS K8N-E Deluxe Socket 754 Motherboard

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XMPEG and Windows Media Encoder 9



XMPEG 5.03 & Windows Media Encoder 9
Digital Video Encoding

Testing CPU and Memory performance are some of the most critical tests of a motherboard review.  Aside from Synthetic test and scaled down gaming benchmarks, video encoding is an excellent method for assessing performance since it is extremely reliant on the CPU.  We like to use both XMPEG and Windows Media Encoder to time the conversion of AVI and WMV files to see how efficient one motherboard is over another.


While one might expect one system to excel in both tests, this wasn't the case.  When we ran the XMPEG test, the program converted our test MPEG to and AVI, and the Abit comparison board completed the process slightly quicker than the ASUS K8N-E at 1:20 minutes.  When we switched to WME9, the scales shifted, with the ASUS K8N-E topping the K8T800 Pro board by :26 seconds.

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