The ASUS K8N-E Deluxe Socket 754 Motherboard

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FutureMark's 3DMark03 - CPU Test
Focusing on CPU Performance

3DMark03's CPU module is an excellent tool for focusing on CPU performance, with any given chipset.  Let's see how the ASUS K8N-E compared to our K8T800 Pro reference board.

The CPU scores were close with both systems, but the Abit KV8 Pro eked out a lead of 19 additional points over the ASUS K8N-E.  Regardless, these scores are very close and users will likely not see any difference in performance under normal conditions.  Next, we'll look to cover a broader picture with PCMark04.

FutureMark's PCMark04
A Great All-In-One Test

PCMark04 is a good tool for assessing the four subsystems of a computer system: CPU, Memory, Graphics and Hard Drive.  This gives us a wider scope of system performance, issuing a total score as well as a breakdown of each subsystem. 

On average, each system was virtually tied in performance, except when it came to graphics performance.  Here, the scales were tipped in favor of the ASUS K8N-E Deluxe, giving the NFORCE3 250Gb board a commanding lead over the K8T800 Pro, at least in this synthetic test.  Nonetheless, the K8T800's winning CPU and Memory scores balanced out the Total score, letting it pull ahead of the K8N-E by 14 points.

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