Systemax Wildcat AMD Athlon 64 FX-60 SLI Gaming PC

Saitek Eclipse Illuminated Keyboard & Razer Copperhead

Saitek Eclipse Illuminated Keyboard & Razer Copperhead Mouse
Adding to the Goodness

Rounding out the Wildcat's feature set is the keyboard and mouse Systemax opted to team with their big blue gaming machine. For keyboarding needs, Systemax provided a Saitek Eclipse Illuminated USB Keyboard.  The Eclipse is self contained, needing no additional drivers to function, making it a truly plug and play device.  The keyboard's tactile feedback was just right, not too soft but not too hard.  An add on wrist rest could be attached to the front of the keyboard as well, adding proper wrist support for those countless hours of gaming on the Wildcat. 


At the upper right of the tray was a dimmer switch that toggled a cool blue from off, low and high settings.  As seen below, the illumination was crisp and will help when gaming in the dark, avoiding the need to search for a needed key when you are in the thick of the action.   


Rounding out the package is the Razer Copperhead gaming mouse that brings its own flavor of blue to the mix.  The device has a comfortable feel along with a full array of side mounted buttons to get that added advantage in gaming situations.  This too is a simple plug and play USB device, but in order to tap the full potential of the mouse, you'll need to install Razer's custom drivers.  Once installed, the mouse options can be controlled for a myriad of combinations.  The Copperhead's precision can be tweaked from 400 DPI to a whopping 2000 DPI in 400 DPI increments while the polling rate ranged from 125Hz, 500Hz, and 1000Hz.


Razer also allows for custom configurations to be saved to a total of five separate profiles.  We should also note that DPI can be adjust on the fly, with two buttons mounted on the right side of the mouse, making the Copperhead an extremely versatile and precise pointing device that will be useful in gaming as well as other situations, such as photo editing. 

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