Between 3ANC Earbuds Review: Superb Audio, Comfort And Price

Status Between 3ANC Wireless Earbuds Review: Excellent Sound Quality And Comfort At A Great Price

hero 3anc between earbuds in case
Status Between 3ANC Wireless Earbuds - MSRP $249, Sale Price $179
The Status Between 3ANC wireless earbuds offer good battery life, noise cancelling and impressive sound, at a competitive price.

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  • Multipoint connectivity
  • Excellent sound stage across lows and highs
  • Ability to use either right or left earbud alone
  • Great call quality incoming and outgoing
  • Multiple ear tips and ear wings for snug fit for most
    not flat
    • Mediocre Active Noise Cancellation
    • Position of side controls can cause inadvertent presses
    • Transparency Mode lacks any volume control

        Competition in the true wireless earbud space has been ramping up in the last few years. Whether it be the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II, the recently released Sony WF-1000XM5, or Apple's AirPod Pros, the ability to get premium sound from a tiny pair of earbuds has significantly improved with recent generations. Such is the case with the Status Between 3ANC Wireless Earbuds we'll be showing you here today.

        Status Between 3ANC Wireless Earbuds Specifications

        The Between 3ANC earbuds include a bevy of premium features, including Active Noise Cancelling and Transparency Mode, 10mm Dynamic Drivers, Bluetooth 5.2, 6 external microphones, USB-C charging, wireless charging via the included charging case, multi-point connectivity, and up to 8 hours of usage with ANC and up to 12 hours of use with ANC off, according to Status.

        Between 3ANC device Specs

        For those who are active, the IPX-5 waterproof rating should also be sufficient for going out in the rain, or working up a good sweat at the gym. The six external microphones are beneficial for taking calls, or allowing in a bit of sound through to your ears in Transparent Mode, while taking a stroll around the neighborhood in the evening.

        Status Between 3ANC Wireless Earbuds Contents And Design

        The Status Between 3ANC earbuds come packaged well, and include the charging case, left and right earbuds, USB-C charging cable, six silicon ear tips (S,M,L), and six silicon "fit-wings".

        The case provided, which houses and charges the earbuds when not in use, is a bit larger than other competitors, but still small enough to fit nicely in a pocket.

        between 3anc case earbuds tips charging cable

        The design of the earbuds themselves are similar to the new Razer Hammerhead Pro Hyperspeed. Where the design differs is the wider stem that houses the microphones. This may turn some people off, but it does provide a larger area for the side touch controls the earbuds offer. However, it would be nice if the side touch controls could be toggled off within the app. During testing accidental touches would sometimes pause a video or cuase other unwanted interruptions.

        between 3anc apple airpods pro
        Between 3ANC wireless earbuds and Apple Airpods Pro (2nd generation)

        In terms of comfort, it took a little bit to figure out which combination of ear tip and fit-wing was right for our ears. But after finding the ideal fit, both earbuds stayed snuggly in each ear in most situations, and only once did one wiggle free completely while moving around.

        getting the right fit for earbuds

        Speaking of comfort, wireless buds are notorious for causing some people ear discomfort after weaing them for an extended period of time. However, after weeks of use, we can say the Between 3ANC earbuds are some of the most comfortable earbuds we have tested. At no time during testing did either earbud cause any discomfort.

        Setting Up The Between 3ANC Earbuds

        Charging the earbuds is simple and straightforward. Place the earbuds in the supplied case, connect the included USB-C charging cable your charger, and it is good to go. Wireless charging via the case is also supported. While testing, the charging case could charge the earbuds to 100 percent five times before the case needed charging. This proides more than enough charge for a single day of usage. Also, the earbuds can be used independently, either left or right, so if anyone is worried about getting by with just the charging case, they can use one earbud at a time and get more usage without recharging the carrying case.

        3anc between back of case

        When setting up the 3ANC earbuds, it is essential to know that the first device you connect to is remembered by the earbuds "forever," according to the included User Guide. To pair to another device, you must place the earbuds in the case and hold the button on the back for approximately 10 seconds (or until the earbuds begin to blink red and blue). This will place the earbuds into pairing mode and make them visible to other Bluetooth-enabled devices. After a second device is connected via Bluetooth, users may have a pop-up window when reconnecting to the original device, asking to confirm a number code. Simply confirm, and both devices should be able to be used with the 3ANC earbuds.

        If a user decides to connect to two devices, such as a PC and a smartphone, there is something to keep in mind. If you are watching a video on the PC and an email notification comes in on the smartphone, the video on the PC will be paused. There is an easy workaround to keep this from occurring on an Android phone. Go into the phone's settings and navigate to Connections > Bluetooth > Between 3ANC Settings > turn off Audio selection and turn Calls on.

        Side touch controls are responsive, but might be too sensitive for some users. Volume can be turned up by holding the right earbud on the side and it can be turned down by holding the left earbud on the side. Users can Play/Pause music or video by short pressing either earbud. To track forward, users will double tap the right earbud, and to track back they will need to double tap the left earbud. If a call is received, users can answer/end the call by double tapping either earbud. Finally, if you want to reject the call simply press and hold either earbud on the side touch panel.

        ANC And Transparent Modes

        One of the more sought after features in headphones these days is active noise canceling (ANC). The ability to shut out the world and focus on whatever task is at hand is a must-have for many. The ANC feature in the Between 3ANC earbuds is not the best on the market, but does provide a decent amount of noise dampening. The company states that its hybrid active noise cancellation is effective up to 38 decibels.

        between 3anc earbud in ear sweating

        When using the wireless earbuds in ANC mode a slight amount of noise still got through. The amount of noise that gets through will heavily depend on how tight of a fit you can get with the included tips. If absolute quiet is a must, buyers may want to look elsewhere.

        Transparent Mode also works well with the earbuds. It allows a decent amount of audio though, but blocks out just enough to not overpower whatever a user may be listening to at any given moment. This can be handy for those who need to stay aware of what is happening around them, such as at a gym or while walking down a city street.

        3anc between top bottom of earbuds

        One drawback to the Transparent Mode is that it cannot be adjusted. While a user can toggle between ANC and Transparent Modes on the earbuds themselves or via the phone app, that is the extent of control given. It would be nice if, at some point in the future, the company would add a feature to the app that adjusts how much audio is allowed though while in Transparent Mode.

        Status says the earbuds should average around 8 1/2 hours of continuous audio playback with ANC on, and an astounding 12 hours of constant playback with ANC off. The earbuds averaged about 9 to 10 hours of use without ANC activated during our testing. And with ANC on, that time was reduced to about 7 to 8 hours. While not quite the numbers Status touted, it still provided ample time between charges. Switching between ANC and Transparent Modes is easily done by the button located on top of either earbud.

        Status Between 3ANC Wireless Earbuds Sound Quality And Bluetooth Connection

        The overall sound quality of the Between 3ANC earbuds is excellent. Bass can be cranked up significantly before suffering any distortion, while mid-tones and highs remain clear. The soundstage produced by these earbuds should satisfy most listeners as well. 

        The available app allows users to further tinker with and adjust the soundstage to one's preference. Three preset equalizer options exist, which include Status Signature, Status Audiophile, and Original Between Pro. Users can also save custom equalizer settings if they choose. Switching between sound profiles is also quick and easy.

        case and between 3anc earbuds

        Incoming call quality was also excellent. Callers were heard clearly and we didn't suffer from any issues.

        Outgoing call quality was equally as impressive when indoors. When callers on the other end were asked how the voice quality was, they all responded positively and would not have known earbuds were being used if not told.

        However, when outdoors with any amount of wind, the quality of outgoing audio wasn't quite as good. Perhaps it is due to having six mics picking up simultaneously, but callers complained that the sound of the wind overtook my voice when the wind picked up.

        In terms of Bluetooth range, the earbuds maintained connection inside a three-bedroom house with an attached garage without completely losing the Bluetooth connection. The only instances where the audio would drop out sporadically were at long distances in the kitchen around household appliances, or while walking inside the garage. If you have line of sight of your devices, Bluetooth range is a non-issue.

        Status Between 3ANC Wireless Earbuds Verdict

        The Status Between 3ANC wireless earbuds are an excellent option for anyone that craves high quality sound, good battery life, and long range. The included ear tips and fit-wings created a tight comfortable fit, without fear the buds would jostle loose and fall out.

        3anc between earbuds front back

        It would be nice if the app offered some additional features, such as being able to toggle the side touch controls on and off, and the ability to adjust how much sound is let in via Transparency Mode. This is something that Status could address in future updates to the app.

        The Status Between 3ANC Wireless Earbuds are an excellent option for listening to music, playing games, or watching movies, and despite their quality build, good battery life, and competitive feature set, they won't break the bank. The Status Between 3ANC wireless earbuds have an MSRP of $249, but are currently on sale for $179. During the holiday, pricing fell to as low as $139.

        The Status Between 3ANC wireless earbuds impressed us with exceptional sound quality and strong battery life. Most user will be able to find a snug and comfortable fit with the included ear tips and ear wings and the build quality of the buds is top notch. For these reasons, we can easily recommend the Between 3ANC wireless earbuds. If you are shopping for true wireless buds, with active noise cancelling, these are definitely worth a look.

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