Soltek SL-K890Pro-939 Motherboard

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Doom 3


Doom 3
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There's little doubt that Doom 3 is another one of the most graphically intensive games out there, love it or not. It's capable of bringing even the most powerful graphics cards to their knees, which is why we again sampled the lower-res 1024x768 setting and a higher 1600x1200.

Again, our K8T800 Pro shows some real fortitude at 1024x768, where it jumps up ahead of the other PCI Express platforms. The margin isn't massive, but it's certainly measurable. Soltek swings a second place finish behind the ASUS A8V, while the A8N-SLI finishes up in last place.

The situation changes at 1600x1200, where ASUS' A8N-SLI jumps into first place, followed by its A8V Deluxe. Soltek again falls into the rear.

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