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FarCry v1.31


FarCry v1.31
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Far Cry remains one of the most visually immersive games on the market, and consistent updates by Crytek enable new functionality within the game. We ran tests at both 1024x768 and 1600x1200 here to illustrate subtle differences between the three platforms at lower resolutions and then to better reflect the performance you'll really see while gaming at higher resolutions.

Surprisingly, the older K8T800 Pro board, with its AGP 8x GeForce 6800 Ultra graphics card (running at 425MHz/1.1GHz in order to compete with the PCI Express cards), takes first place at 1024x768. The delta is minor, of course, as ASUS' nForce4 SLI board falls just three frames behind. Soltek brings up the rear at 113.2 frames per second.

There's even a noticeable difference at 1600x1200, where the ASUS SLI board takes first place, is followed by Soltek's K890Pro, and trailed by the K8T800 Pro motherboard.

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