Soltek SL-K890Pro-939 Motherboard

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Cinebench 2003 & KribiBench v1.1


Cinebench 2003 Performance Tests
3D Modeling & Rendering Tests

Cinebench is multi-processor aware, but because we aren't yet looking at dual-core processors (or Hyper-Threaded Pentium 4s, for that matter), the test only runs in single-processor mode. The results are measured in the number of seconds required to render a 3D scene.

All three contenders fall fairly close to each other, with the Soltek board taking a first place, followed by ASUS's nForce4 SLI and then the K8T800 Pro platform.

Kribibench v1.1

Next up, we ran the Kribibench rendering benchmark produced by the folks at Adept Development.  Kribibench is an SSE aware software renderer.  A 3D model is rendered and animated by the host CPU, and the average frame rate is reported.  We used two of the included models with this benchmark: an "Exploded Sponge" model consisting of over 19.2 million polygons and an absolutely gargantuan "Ultra" model that is comprised of over 16 billion polys...

There's little difference when you compare the Ultra benchmark; all three motherboards perform on par with each other. The exploding sponge test puts ASUS' nForce4 board in the lead, followed by the older A8V Deluxe, and then Soltek's K890Pro motherboard.

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