Revisiting Dell's XPS 13 Ultrabook, In Full HD

Battery Life

Let's face it, if you're shopping an Ultrabook, you're less concerned with gaming performance and more interested in what kind of battery life you can squeeze out of these featherweight systems. This is perhaps the most important metric, at least for some, and what we have below is one example of a worst case scenario and a more real-world scenario.

Battery Life Test
Heavy and Light Workloads

Battery Eater Pro is designed to stress a system until it curls up in a fetal position and waves the white flag. The XPS 13 held strong for just over two hours during this portion of the test, which is neither great nor poor. It's a fairly average score for an Ultrabook.

During our web browsing test, in which a custom webpage is continually refreshed, the XPS 13 fared much more impressively, staying alert for nearly 7 hours. That's a half hour longer than last year's model, and nearly as long as HP's Envy system.

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