Seagate Barracuda ES.2 1TB SAS Hard Drive


IOMeter 7/27 x32 Storage Benchmark
Higher Sequential IO's Per Second - Higher Numbers are Better

The Barracuda ES.2 SAS drive shows some muscle in the all-important IOmeter rankings, showcasing excellent single drive and dual-disk RAID-0 numbers while using the “Workstation” pattern benchmark.

While all the drives start with the same speeds when disk activity levels are low, when you push the drives harder and harder, the Barracuda ES.2 SAS drive distances itself by a significant margin.    Under the heaviest load, the ES.2 SAS drive outperforms the Barracuda 7200.11 drive by about 20%, which is impressive considering the 7200.11 SATA drive has almost identical specifications but double the cache.   This leads us to believe the ES.2 SAS will perform well in a workstation disk environment, and its ability to push concurrent I/O’s mean it will likely work well in server environments as well.

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