Samsung Infuse 4G Android Smartphone Review

Performance Testing - Web Browsing and Network

Browsing the Web is certainly a key feature of any smartphone, so we also conducted some formal speed tests to see how well the Samsung Infuse 4G compares to some of today's hottest smartphones and how AT&T's HSPA+ network (that they brand as "4G") compares to LTE network performance with Verizon and Mobile WiMAX performance from Sprint.

In the Xtremelabs speed test, the Infuse performed well on what AT&T calls their "4G network" but it couldn't keep pace with Sprint and was completely outclassed by Verizon's LTE service in our area.  The latter case (LTE) was to be expected frankly.  Regardless, there was a significant performance boost versus 3G speeds from any carrier as you can see, with over a 2X increase.

In looking at the speed test, the Infuse 4G scored well over AT&T's 4G network, though its download speed wasn't quite as high what could be found on Verizon or TMobile. 

Our scores show the massive download speed advantage that Verizon has now over LTE versus all other networks. In fact, download and upload performance on the Samsung Droid Charge is competitive with Cable data speeds.  The Infuse 4G again offers a serious performance kick versus 3G speeds however, though it did bring up the rear of the pack with the TMobile driven phones here.  Again of course, with any of the above tests, your mileage may vary, depending on your market and your carrier's 4G coverage in the area.

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