Samsung Infuse 4G Android Smartphone Review

Performance: Camera and Battery Life

Another nicely appointed feature of the Infuse 4G is its camera app.  Here we have it in still image mode and as you can see, controls are nice and large with  lots of options for things like flash, exposure and camera selection (remember there is a front and rear-facing camera you can choose from).

There are also settings for auto-focus, white balance, resolution, special effects, ISO, anti-shake, contrast and more.  Unfortunately, at the end of the day, though the Infuse 4G does sport an 8MP camera, it's still a smartphone camera and we found getting a clean image in low light settings to be a challenge, even with the on-board LED flash.

In an amply lit area or in outdoor settings, the Infuse 4G handles well and produces high resolution captures. In low light settings things get pretty grainy and blurry.  Of course, this is pretty much par for the course with most all smartphone cameras these days, regardless of pixel density and resolution.

Be sure to hit the "HD" button on the Viddler player to see image quality at full res.

What was rather impressive was how the Infuse 4G handled shooting at 720p with the camera in video mode.  Though our test clip was shot outside on a bright, sunny day, you can see colors are good, image quality is good and even the built in mic offered solid audio capture.  Of course we didn't find the image stabilization button until after we shot this, so please excuse the occasional camera shake.

Battery Life Real-World Test -
According to Samsung, you should expect up to 480 minutes (8 hours) of usage time and up to 400 hours (16+ days) of standby time from the Infuse 4G's 1750mAh lithium ion battery. In our everyday usage tests, the Infuse 4G's battery lasted well over a full day in regular, reasonably heavy use for voice calls and the occasional internet search.  In standby, the phone seemed to consume very little battery power and it lasted for days, which is certainly more than enough uptime if you're not actually using the device.  Unfortunately we couldn't test the phone with our standard web page refresh test, since the Infuse 4G doesn't have a screen timeout setting beyond 10 minutes.  Bummer, but there wasn't much we could do for you here.  Regardless, we'd offer that the Infuse 4G's battery performance is definitely up to par with some of the better handsets on the market today.

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