Samsung Infuse 4G Android Smartphone Review

User Interface and Mutlimedia Performance

We've grown pretty fond of Samsung's light skinning of Android 2.2 and the Infuse displays the interface well with its large screen area. That said, Samsung is known for packing tons of bloatware on these devices, some of which is subsidized by the carrier.  Just be prepared to uninstall a few things if you're picky about what's on or not on your smartphone.

Customizable home screens offer quick access to the apps you use most.

Samsung's Contact Manager is pretty slick, with swipes left or right for voice or email.

Samsung Media Hub and TV Store - With a 4.5" screen, you can make good use of multimedia content.

Creating an account on Samsung Media Hub gives you access to movie and TV content rentals.  It worked quite well and we pulled down a few movie trailers to see how the Infuse handled HD content. 

Fast and Furious 5 movie trailer; vibrant, sharp and completely sans ghosting.

Watching movies on this handset is actually pretty terrific. We've never been big fans of watching movies on tiny 3 and 4-inch screens but again, Samsung's Super AMOLED Plus display makes it a real pleasure.  It's like having a little plasma TV in your pocket.

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