Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus Review

Design and Build Quality

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, like its Galaxy Tab brethren, boasts smooth, svelte looks. Looking at the device, you simply do not see any buttons and hardly notice the sliver of the case peeking around the edges, giving it that iPad-ish all-screen appearance that Samsung has gotten itself into a patent war over.

The device is also quite slim (.39 inches) and features a nice brushed aluminum look on the back cover. On the back of the 7.0 Plus is the rear-facing camera and flash, and nothing else; even the part of the tablet nobody ever sees has a nice look to it.

There are very few ports on the 7.0 Plus, and even fewer hardware buttons. The headphone jack is on top of the tablet, the microSD card slot is on the left side, and hidden away on the bottom are the stereo speakers and the proprietary power / dock connector port (which offers a USB connection via the included cable). The built-in microphone and front-facing camera are on the front, near the top of the device. The power button and volume rocker button are on the right side.

A knock on those buttons, though, is that it’s annoyingly easy to bump one or the other when you’re handling the tablet, causing you to inadvertently turn off the screen or jack the volume up or down suddenly. Further, although the power button is half the length of the volume button, they’re otherwise identical, and because you can’t see them when you’re looking at the device, you may sometimes find yourself fumbling for the right button.

Samsung was also sparse with included accessories (not that that’s necessarily a bad thing). The tablet comes with a set of earbuds (with volume controls and a couple of pairs of extra, differently sized ear bud covers), the power/USB cable, and the plug adapter. That’s it. Of course, there are plenty of accessories you can buy separately if you so desire, including a book cover and desktop, keyboard, and vehicle docks.

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