Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport Review

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There’s a lot to like about the Galaxy S5 Sport. In both real-world use and benchmark tests, the Galaxy S5 Sport consistently showed exceptional speed and responsiveness. Battery life was also excellent, easily lasting a full day or more depending on usage. We were also very pleased with the camera’s ability to capture crisp still images and high resolution video.

The differences between the Galaxy S5 Sport and the Galaxy S5 aren’t extreme, but they are sigfificant. We prefer the look and feel of the Galaxy S5 Sport over the original, but users who are attached to the fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S5 or who prefer a black, white, or copper-colored phone will have to opt for the original model.  We found the Galaxy S5 Sport’s Cherry Red finish to be very attractive and enjoyed the tactile feel of the hardware buttons at the bottom of the screen.

On the software side, the Galaxy S5 Sport comes with a few health and fitness-minded apps that may add some utility for users with active lifestyles. However even if you’re not a fitness buff and you choose to ignore these apps, the Galaxy S5 Sport is just as capable and well-equipped as the original Galaxy S5 as a day-to-day smartphone.

Pricing of the Galaxy S5 Sport and the Galaxy S5 can vary, though they typically hover around $99 to $199. We’ve seen instances when there has been a $100 difference between the phones, however. Frankly, even though we really like the styling and features of the Galaxy S5 Sport, we’d have a hard time justifying paying $100 more for this phone over the original, but that’s just our opinion.When prices are equal, we'd pick the Galaxy S5 Sport over the original.

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Overall, the Galaxy S5 Sport showed itself to be a very capable, high-end smartphone that performs well, has an excellent camera, and has no problem making it through a full day of use. If you’re already a Sprint customer or are interested in switching to Sprint, we highly recommend putting the Galaxy S5 Sport on your short list of phones to consider.

The Galaxy S5 earned our Editor’s Choice award. Because the Galaxy S5 Sport performs equally well and has all of the same key hardware components and useful features, and then some, we believe it too should receive our Editor’s Choice award as well.



  • Absolutely gorgeous display
  • Outstanding general performance
  • Excellent camera performance
  • IP67 Dust and Water Resistance
  • Excellent battery life
  • Attractive styling
  • Some Bloatware


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