Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport Review

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User Experience and Software

Since the Galaxy S5 Sport is designed for users with an active lifestyle, it only seems fitting that many of the preloaded set of apps and features are health and exercise related. At the forefront of these additions is Sprint Fit Live which can be accessed as a full app or as a widget, provided you’re using the Sprint Fit Live wallpaper. As a widget, Sprint Fit Live provides easy access to MapMyFitness, S Health, Spotify, and Smart Health articles. When opened as a full app, Sprint Fit Live gives you access to the same functions in a different format.


You’ll get 12 months free access to MapMyFitness MVP through the phone which will give you access to customized audio coaching, training plans, live tracking and more. Customers who are on a Sprint Framily plan will also get Spotify premium free for six months. If you’re not on a Framily plan, you’ll get Spotify premium free for three months. The S Health features found on the Galaxy S5 Sport are the same as those on the Galaxy S5. From this app, you can map workouts, measure your heart rate, track your steps, and more.


In addition to fitness apps, you’ll find a number of other preloaded apps including 1Weather, Activity Zone, Dropbox, Eureka Offers, Flipboard, Lookout Security, Lumen Toolbar, Messaging+, Next Radio, Scout, Smart Remote, Sprint ID, Sprint Zone, Wi-Fi calling, and more. Activity Zone provides access to a Barometer, Compass, Flashlight and Stopwatch from a single screen. Smart Remote uses the phone’s built-in IR blaster to function as a remote control for your home theater equipment. The app can also recommend TV shows, movies, and more.

There’s definitely no shortage of preloaded apps on the Galaxy S5 Sport. Although we prefer a minimal list of preloaded apps, users can remove or disable many of the aforementioned apps on their own. By default, the Galaxy S5 Sport has four preloaded home screens and a My Magazine screen. You can add home screens up to a total of seven.


In typical Samsung fashion, the Galaxy S5 Sport has five icons at the bottom of the screen: Phone, Contacts, Messages, Internet, and Apps. You can rearrange, remove, or replace all of these icons except the Apps icon.

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