Samsung Droid Charge 4G Verizon Smartphone Review


The Samsung Droid Charge has a lot of good things going for it, including 4G connectivity and a gorgeous Super AMOLED Plus display. We also appreciate that the Droid Charge is significantly lighter than Verizon Wireless' other 4G phone, the HTC Thunderbolt.

However, there are a few things that hold the Droid Charge back in comparison to some of today's other top phones. The phone comes with a 1GHz processor Hummingbird. Although it felt quite zippy during our tests, most high-end phones are starting to ship with a dual-core 1GHz processor for even better performance.

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Battery life is a mixed bag on the Droid Charge. In our own HotHardware Battery Test, the Droid Charge came in last. In our everyday usage tests, however, we were pleased with the longevity of the Droid Charge's battery. All in all, the phone's battery life will surely vary depending on how you use the phone.

The Droid Charge also has a price tag that's higher than other Verizon Wireless phones. For $299.99 (after discounts and with a contract), you can pick up the Droid Charge. By comparison, the only other 4G LTE capable phone from Verizon Wireless, the HTC Thunderbolt, is available for $249.99 after discounts and with a contract. Although the $50 may not be much for some, it may influence others when deciding between the two phones. For users who aren't in a 4G coverage area yet or who don't care about the faster speeds 4G has to offer, the price may seem especially high compared to phones without 4G capabilities.

Verizon Wireless continues to build out its 4G network. At the time of this publication, Verizon Wireless offers 4G service in 46 markets and over 60 major airports. The carrier plans to aggressively light up 4G in new cities this year and says the 4G LTE network will be available in more than 175 markets by the end of this year.

All in all, there are a lot of things we admire about the Droid Charge. The phone performed smoothly and quickly and was quite enjoyable to use. We really love the Super AMOLED Plus display, particularly for watching videos and surfing the web. Although our Web browsing speed tests and battery life tests were a bit of a mixed bag, actual real-world usage of the browser and longevity of the phone was acceptable. The price of the Droid Charge may hold some users back, but for users who desire 4G LTE connectivity, the Droid Charge is a great addition to Verizon Wireless' lineup.

  • Gorgeous 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus screen
  • microSD expansion slot with preinstalled 32GB card
  • LTE connectivity
  • Wi-Fi sharing
  • Relatively lightweight
  • 4G coverage is still limited
  • Pricey
  • Browsing speed tests were a mixed bag

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